Transferring an Expired Wix Domain to Another Domain Host

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You can transfer an expired domain to another domain host as long as the domain is in the grace period (about 30 days from its expiration date). Once the grace period ends and the domain enters the redemption period, it is no longer possible to transfer the domain. Learn how to check if your domain has entered the redemption period
If your attempt to transfer an expired domain fails, your domain may enter the redemption period which has a $100 retrieval fee. We recommend extending your expired domain before initiating a transfer. When extending your domain, make sure not to change its contact info, as this will lock your domain from transfer for 60 days
The grace period does not apply for certain domains: .at, .be, .ch,,,, .de, .fr, .me, .mx, and .nl. Renewal payments for these domains are collected 30 days before the expiration date. If a payment isn't made, your domain enters the redemption period 2 days before the expiration date. 

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