Retrieving Your Expired Domain Once it Enters the 'Pending Renew/Delete' Status

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If your domain status shows "PendingRenew" or "PendingDelete" in WHOIS databases, it is not yet possible to retrieve the domain. These statuses indicate that your domain is no longer in the redemption period in which you can extend your domain's registration. 

To retrieve your domain, you must wait until it becomes publicly available again for anyone to purchase, within 10 days from the beginning of the "PendingRenew/Delete" period. 
  • You can only repurchase the domain once it clears the "PendingRenew/Delete" period and becomes available again. This is true for all domains in this status, not just domains purchased from Wix. 
  • It is not guaranteed that your domain will be released and become available after the "PendingRenew/Delete" period, thus we recommend resolving any payment issues before your domain enters this period. 
To check your domain's status as it appears in WHOIS click here.
To check if your domain is available to purchase again click here.

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