Preparing Your Wix Site for the CCPA

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About the CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) - which came into effect on Jan 1st, 2020 - aims to protect the consumer rights of California residents. The act serves to encourage stronger privacy for consumers and promote greater transparency for companies who have an online presence in the state.
California consumers are able to request that their personal information be disclosed or permanently deleted. They also have the option to request that their data is not shared with third parties.
The CCPA applies to businesses operating in California that falls within any of these thresholds:
  • earns $25,000,000+ in annual revenue.
  • annually buys, receives, sells or shares personal information of 50,000+ consumers, households or devices for commercial purposes.
  • obtains 50%+ of its annual revenue from selling consumer personal information.
As stated in our Terms of Use, it is the site owner’s responsibility to ensure that Wix services are permitted and abiding by local laws. Any information contained herein is not legal advice and you should not rely upon it as such. The CCPA can require several actions from site owners, depending on how you plan to use site visitors’ data. If you are uncertain about your responsibilities, it is always wise to get legal advice from an expert.

Building a CCPA-Compliant Website with Wix

You can build a stunning CCPA-compliant website at Wix. Be aware that there are steps you must take to ensure your site is CCPA-compliant. 
Wix is a DIY (do-it-yourself) platform. We aim to make it easy to use our platform to comply with privacy and data protection laws like the CCPA. Wix provides you with specific tools to help you give your online customers control over their personal data. These tools implement technical and security measures to ensure that your customers’ personal data is protected.

Helping Your Wix Site Meet CCPA Requirements

Use the following information and recommendations to prepare your site for the CCPA:

Create a Privacy Policy

Transparency and communication with your site visitors are key elements of the CCPA. As part of the regulation, you must let your customers know how you collect, store and use their data - in a clear and transparent way. In addition, you must comply with your customers' requests to receive or permanently delete their data that is processed on your site.
A privacy policy is a statement that discloses the ways in which your website gathers, uses, discloses and manages your site-visitors' data. Wix cannot provide you with legal advice on how to write a privacy policy. However, we do recommend that you maintain a clear and comprehensive privacy policy for your website, in accordance with both the CCPA and local privacy regulations. Learn how to create a Privacy Policy.
For information on how Wix handles your site visitors' data, please review sections 5, 6, and 10 of Wix's Privacy Policy.
Wix's own privacy policy is tailored to Wix's business model. You must create a privacy policy that is suited to your business.

The CCPA requires that Californian residents may request that their personal information is not shared with a third party. 
You can use the Wix App Market to add a Do Not Sell Data Link to your site's footer. By clicking the link, your site-visitors can disable data transfers to third parties. Learn more about adding a Do Not Sell Data link.

The CCPA does not have a list of “positive” legal basis required for collecting, selling or disclosing personal information. However, consumers may ask businesses not to sell their personal data as explained above.
You can choose the best and most appropriate data processing method for your business. If you want to receive 'affirmative consent' from your site-visitors before processing their data, you can do so by:
To ensure regulatory compliance, we recommend reviewing details of the act, as well as seeking legal advice.

Use Wix Tools to Get a Copy of or Permenantly Delete Your Site-Visitors' Data

In accordance with the CCPA, site-visitors have the right to get a copy of their data or have it permanently deleted from your databases. Wix has developed tools to assist you in becoming CCPA compliant:

  • Right to opt-out of the sale of personal information. Learn more.

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