Premium Plan Discount for Charities or Non-Profit Organizations

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Wix partners with TechSoup to offer a discount on purchasing a Wix Premium plan for charities or non-profit organizations which are TechSoup members.
The promotion includes a 70% discounted rate for a 2-year Wix Core Premium plan to create and host 1 website. The subscription also includes a free, 1-year domain registration voucher.
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About the Wix/TechSoup offer

The 70% discounted rate for the Core Premium plan applies for the first two years. If you do not cancel your subscription before the end of the second year, you will be automatically billed by Wix for an additional two years of service at standard rate.  
The promotion also includes a free 1-year domain registration voucher. If you do not cancel the domain before its renewal date, you will be automatically billed by Wix for an additional subscription period (usually a year).
The Wix and Techsoup offer is available in these countries:
For EU-based organizations (besides Ireland), contact us to apply this offer
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