Google Workspace: Turning Off Auto Renewal for a Business Email

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You can easily turn off auto renewal for your Google Workspace business email. Turning off auto renewal for your business email does not cancel it immediately, rather it prevents it from automatically renewing the subscription. After completing the steps below, you will still have access to the business email until the end of its subscription period. 
Click to turn off the auto renewal for your Google Workspace business email.
Cancel Auto Renewal
Takes 1 minute

To turn off auto renewal for a Google Workspace business email:

  1. Go to Premium Subscriptions in your Wix account.
  2. Click the Show More icon next to the relevant business email.
  3. Click Cancel business email.  
  4. Select the I still want to cancel checkbox.
  5. Click Cancel business email.
The renewal payment is attempted up to 30 days before the anniversary of the purchase date (the exact date is shown below Next Payment Due on your Premium Subscriptions page). Make sure to turn off auto renewal before this date to prevent your subscription from renewing.
  • Do you have multiple business emails in your subscription and want to remove only one of them? Click to learn how to cancel one of your business emails.
  • According to Google's Terms of Service, business email data is retained for 180 days from the expiration date. If you repurchase your business email during this time frame, your business email data will be restored.

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