Google Search Console: "Could Not Determine the Prominent Video" Error

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The Video Indexing Report in Google Search Console shows you how many pages on your site that Google detected a video on. The report also shows you how many of those pages are indexed. 
You may sometimes see a "Google could not determine the prominent video on the page" error in the Video Indexing Report. This error means that Google has found one or more videos on your page, but it can't determine which is the most important video. 
A screenshot of the could not determine the prominent video error
Some reasons why Google might not be able to determine the prominent video on your page include:
  • Your video is not immediately visible on your page, and your visitors need to scroll down to see it (also known as "below the fold")
  • The size of your video is too small
  • You have more than one video on the page
  • You have a background video on your page
If you think that any of these issues apply to your video, we recommend fixing the issue and then requesting reindexing for the page
Want to learn more?
You can find more information in Google's article about the Video Indexing Report.

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