Wix Editor: Adding a Video to Your Page Background

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Wow your visitors and add artistic detail to your site with a video background. You can upload your own video, add a free Wix video, or purchase a professional Shutterstock video.
In this article, learn more about:
A video page background playing on a live Wix site.

Adding a video to your page background

Get started by uploading a video to your page background.
There are a variety of free, striking options available from Wix, so you can choose something that's perfect for your brand and its aesthetic.

To add a video to your page background:

  1. Go to the relevant page in your Editor. 
  2. Click Site Design  on the left side of the Editor.
  3. Hover over Page Background and click Customize.
  4. Select Video.
  5. Choose what you want to do:
    • Upload your own video:
      1. Click Upload Media.
      2. Browse your computer and select your video.
      3. Click Change Background.
    • Add a free Wix video:
      1. Click Media from Wix.
      2. Select a video.
      3. Click Change Background.
    • Purchase a Shutterstock video:
      1. Click Shutterstock.
      2. Select a video.
      3. Click Buy Video.
  6. (Optional) Click Apply to Other Pages to add the background to other pages of your site.
Want to remove a page background?
To remove a page background completely, change the background color to white.
The page background tab of the Site Design panel. The cursor is hovering over the option to add a video.
Did you know?
You can check how the video looks before you publish your site by clicking the Play icon in the Page Background panel.


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