Google Ads with Wix: Tips for Improving Your Campaign Performance

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There are many factors that can affect your campaign performance. When building out an ad campaign using Google Ads with Wix, always keep in mind your business and advertising goals. What keyword themes do you want your ads to show up for when people search? What locations are most relevant for your business? What headlines and descriptions accurately describe your offering? 

Below are a few tips to help you improve the value and quality of your ads.

Pick keyword themes that speak to your target audience

Keyword themes are words or phrases that help match your ads with Google searches.
When picking your keyword themes, follow these guidelines:
  • Aim for a maximum of 7-10 keyword themes: Adding too many keywords themes might show the ad in less relevant results. Your themes need to be relevant and concise enough so they show to the right audiences. Also don't use punctuation marks, URLs, phone numbers, or keyword themes that exceed 20 characters.
  • Use long-tail keyword themes rather than short-tail keyword themes: Long-tail keyword themes (e.g. 'organic coffee shops near me') are more effective than short-tail or single keywords (e.g. 'coffee shop'). Try to be as specific and descriptive to your business as possible to maximize the best audience.
  • Don't repeat words you are already eligible for: Remember, a single keyword theme also represents similar phrases and words. For example, the keyword theme 'bakery' also means your ad will potentially be shown for searches like 'local bakery' 'cake shop' 'bakery near me.' So don't add both 'bakery' and 'local bakery' as two separate themes.
  • Utilize excluded terms: Add excluded terms to make sure your ad doesn't appear for irrelevant searches. For example, if you sell eyeglasses, you might want to add 'wine glasses' or 'drinking glasses' as excluded terms.
  • Remember your advertising strategy: Are you advertising your overall business or a specific product/service? Limit your keyword themes to precisely what you're advertising.
  • Think like your customers: What is your audience most likely to be searching for when looking for the product or service you offer? Tip: You can include brands as keyword themes without causing trademark issues.

Choose location settings based on your business

You want your ads to show up in the place(s) where your business operates. Customize your location settings to fit your type of business. When choosing locations, consider the following:
  • Do your services depend on where you're located? (e.g. in-person sessions vs. online).
  • What radius do you want your ads to potentially show up for if people search for services 'near them?'
  • What are your business hours? What timezone(s) does your business operate in?
  • (For Performance Max shopping campaigns): What locations to do you ship your products to?

Write effective ad content and review it regularly

Write three headlines that can be combined in any order, and two descriptions that can also be combined in any order. Google mixes headlines and descriptions to best optimize your ad. Make sure you follow Google Ads policy when creating your ad content.
Tips for writing Google Ads headlines:
  • Be brief and to the point. You only get 30 characters.
  • Include at least one of your keywords in your headline.
  • Think about the problem you're trying to solve.
What should I include in my description text?
Your description text should expand more on what your business is and what problem you're solving. You should also use some keyword phrases in your description.
Try out Wix's AI Text Creator!
Click Generate AI Text next to Description to open Wix's AI Text Creator. Add information such as your business name, type, as well as what's important to mention. The AI Text Creator gives you options for your ad descriptions.

A screenshot of the Wix AI Text Creator with Generate AI text option selected.

Decide on a competitive budget for good exposure

A competitive budget helps ensure that your ads get the right amount of exposure to customers. Choose a budget that you’re comfortable with, while also allowing you to serve your ads frequently.
We recommend a monthly budget that is about 5% of your monthly business revenue. However, you can start as low as $150 USD a month.

Make sure your ad leads to a great website experience

Your ad destination, whether it's your site homepage, a specific product page, or a designed landing page should supply all the information promised in the ad. When someone clicks your ad, they have a specific intent around the value your product/service is providing. Make sure they can find that value easily and take any next steps such as signing up for an event, purchasing a product, or booking a service.
Your website, landing page, etc. should also look professional and match your business and brand. This helps build trust with the person who clicked on your ad. Make sure you also have clear call-to-actions not only on your landing page, but throughout your site as well. Learn more about writing call-to-actions and see some great examples of call to actions.

Bonus tips for Performance Max Shopping campaigns

If you are running a Google Performance Max Shopping campaign with your Wix Store, here are a few tips to help improve your shopping ads:
  1. Populate your Google Merchant Solutions feed with active products: Since your store products must be approved by Google before they go live (and this process can take up to 72 hours) make sure you are prepared with as many active and up-to-date products as possible. Learn how to create and set up a Google Merchant Solutions account.
  2. Add an eye-catching primary image to showcase your product: Make sure you have professional, high-quality photo that highlights your product.
  3. Write product focused headlines and descriptions: Show people the value of your product with titles and descriptions that show exactly what they will be purchasing. Tip: Use Wix AI to help you come up with ideas.

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