Google Ads with Wix: Creating a Campaign

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Create a Google Ads with Wix campaign by following a step-by-step process on your site's dashboard. Throughout the process, you'll find tips on creating the best converting ad content.
After you launch your ad campaign, all the data is automatically synced to Google Ads in your Wix site's dashboard. It also syncs with Wix Analytics Marketing reports and Marketing Overview so you can see all your paid and organic marketing efforts in one place.
A screenshot of an example of what a Google ad looks like in Google Search results

Step 1 | Get your business ready to advertise

Before you create a Google Ads campaign with Wix, make sure you've completed the following setup steps in order to make your site eligible.
  1. Publish your site. 
  2. Purchase a Premium plan. 
  3. Connect a custom domain. 
To check if your business is ready to advertise, go to Google Ads in your site's dashboard and complete the checklist. Then click Create Ad Campaign.

Step 2 | Customize your ad settings and keywords

After you've completed the setup steps, choose your ad settings including where you want to advertise, as well as what keywords to target.

To customize your ad settings and keywords:

  1. Go to Google Ads in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Create Ad Campaign once your business is ready to advertise.
    Note: If you do not see this option, make sure you've completed the checklist in Step 1.
  3. Click the Site page your ad lead to drop-down and choose the page you want visitors to navigate to after clicking your ad (e.g. your Wix Stores product page).
  4. Click the Language drop-down to choose the main language for the site page that appears in your ad. You can only pick one language
  5. Under Targeted locations choose where you want to advertise:
    • Specific cities, zip codes or regions: Enter a location in the text field and choose an option from the drop-down. You can add up to ten areas.
    • Near a street address: Enter a street address in the text field and select a radius from the drop-down.
A screenshot of the choose where you want to advertise drop-down displaying different cities in California.
  1. Under When your ad will appear choose if your ad should be shown all the time or at specific times.
    • Anytime (recommended): Your ad appears at all times on Google search results. This is recommended as the more your ad is shown, the more views it will get. 
    • At specific times: Only show your ad during certain hours. This is recommended if you are expecting calls and want to be available during business hours.
      1. Click Edit ad schedule
      2. Select the checkboxes next to the days you want to show your ad and pick specific hours for each day.
  2. Under Keyword themes enter up to 10 keyword themes to help people find your ad in searches. Pick keywords that match your service, product or offering. You can also use Google Ads suggested keywords. Learn more about choosing keyword themes.
A screenshot of picking keyword themes for a Google Ads campaign with suggested words.
  1. Click Next to create your ad content.

Step 3 | Create your ad content

Create engaging ad content that encourages visitors to click and visit your site. Choose three headlines and two descriptions. As you create your ad content you can see a live preview at the right of how the ad appears in Google search results.
Make sure you write headlines and descriptions that can go together in any order. Google Ads rearranges and tests your content to best optimize your ad.

  1. Go to Google Ads in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Step 2 Create ad content.
  3. Under Ad content write three headlines and two descriptions for your ad. Make sure the content can fit together in any order. Each headline must be maximum of 30 characters and each description must be a maximum 90 characters.
  4. (Optional) Click the checkbox next to Show a call button in your ad to include a contact number in your Google ad so views can reach out to you.
  5. Click Next to move on to setting your ad campaign budget.
A screenshot of the create ad content section of the Google Ads dashboard.

Step 4 | Set your ad budget and launch

Next you need to choose your campaign budget. Your budget is applied to your total ad credits each month that will be spent on clicks. The higher your budget, the more your ads are shown on Google. 
Need help setting your budget?
Read some frequently asked questions about choosing a budget for your Google Ads with Wix campaign.
Once you have set your budget, checkout and launch your campaign.

To set your ad budget and launch:

  1. Drag the slider under Set your campaign budget to select a daily spend. Below the daily spend is the amount you pay monthly for your Google Ads subscription. You can also see the estimated clicks your ad might receive per day with this budget.
A screenshot of the daily budget slider.
  1. Click Save & Checkout once you've set your budget.
  2. Enter your payment details.
  3. Click Submit Purchase.


Here are some frequently asked questions about creating a Google Ads campaign with Wix.

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