Facebook Ads: Tips For Improving Your Ad Content

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Wix’s AI analyzes your ad daily to find ways it could be improved. While our smart algorithm is working hard in the background to find you more customers and make the best use of your budget, there are a few things you can do to get more eyes on your ad. 

Write a compelling caption

Your caption is the way your brand or store is represented to customers. It needs to be really short and get right to the point, while creating interest.

Our experts recommend these tips to make the most of your ad caption: 
  • Be yourself. Create your caption as if you're casually talking to one of your followers. Keeping things simple, personal, and honest can go a long way with your followers. 
  • Make your caption timely and relevant. 
  • Be sure your ad gives value or incentive if possible. 
  • Use words that create urgency, like “Save” or “Act now”. 
  • Simplify your message as much as possible, short is better. Instead of “We have limited items in stock” try “Stock is limited”. 
  • Remove unnecessary filler words like “a” and “the”. Customers will get the idea even without using those words. 

Upload images that showcase your site or products

The right images help you to get more views and clicks from the potential customers. It's extremely important to select the most eye-catching ones that show off your business.
Below are some tips to consider when choosing your Facebook Ads images: 
  • White backgrounds are great because they're simple, professional, and grab attention.
  • Center your product in the middle of the frame, away from the borders, and be sure not to cut off any part of the product.
  • Natural lighting works best while fluorescent lighting should be avoided. Create soft shadows to add slight depth to your images by using a light source larger than your item.
  • Help buyers visualize your product's size by adding another object to the frame (like flowers or a coffee mug) to create a sense of scale when needed.
  • (For online stores): Make sure your products look the best they can. Use product shots with great lighting, clear backgrounds and bright colors. If your product catalog includes items that are on sale or new to your store, you can also add a graphic that overlays on top of your image.

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