Email Marketing: Adding Recipients to Your Campaign

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When you're done customizing your email campaign, add the recipients you want to send it to. You can select individual contacts or choose labels and segments that add multiple contacts at a time. Make sure to follow the Wix Email Marketing best practices when choosing your recipients.

Adding recipients to your email campaign

Enter the names or email addresses of the contacts you want to send your campaign to. You can add segments or labels to send to groups of contacts.

To add recipients as contacts:

  1. Create an email campaign or edit an existing one.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Customize the elements in your campaign to your liking.
    Tip: Preview and test your email campaign to make sure it is perfect before you add recipients and send.
  4. (Optional) Import contacts from a CSV file or your Gmail account. Click Import Contacts then choose an option. Learn more about importing contacts
  5. Click the To: field.
  6. Enter the name, email address, label, or segment of the contact(s) you want to add and select them from the list. Repeat this process to add more contacts.
    Tip: Alternatively, you can click the checkbox next to the relevant labels, segments, or contacts to add recipients. 
A screenshot of adding contacts as recipients.
You can click the Only show active contacts toggle to disable it and show inactive contacts in the list. We do not recommend sending campaigns to inactive contacts as this can increase your bounce rate, cause emails to be marked as spam, and decrease your email deliverability.  
  1. Click Next at the top right.


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