Email Marketing: About Your Email Marketing Dashboard

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Your Email Marketing dashboard is your one-stop-shop for growing and engaging your audience. This is where you go to create, edit and keep track of your email campaigns.
A screenshot showing an example email marketing dashboard.
Ready to get started?
Go to Email Marketing in your site's dashboard.

Use pre-built email templates or start from scratch

Create a new campaign from a selection of pre-built, designer-made email templates to get you set up sending your campaigns straight away. Or, start totally from scratch using the email drag and drop editor. Learn more about creating and sending email marketing campaigns from start to finish. 
A screenshot of the pre-built email marketing templates.

Customize your sender details for a professional look

You have total control over the sender details that appear when your campaigns hit your audience's inboxes. Set sender details (name and reply-to address) that will be familiar to your audience – this can increase the trust in your campaigns which can lead to better sender reputation
A screenshot showing some example sender details in the Email Marketing dashboard.

Import and keep track of your subscribers

Subscribers are contacts who have given permission for you to send them marketing emails. Once you have added subscribers, the dashboard shows your total number, as well as new subscribers from the current week. 
A screenshot showing the option to import subscribers.

Get insights into how your campaigns are performing

Make changes to your campaigns based on the data you're seeing in the Email Marketing dashboard. You can view campaign insights for every email you sent, including all of the standard deliverability statistics such as open rate, bounce rate, spam rate and more. 
A screenshot of the performance statistics of an example email.

Manage all of your campaigns in one place

Make changes to your campaigns at any point, directly from the Email Marketing dashboard. Edit the content of your emails, the design and even your sender lists. You can reuse campaigns that have been shown to perform well with your audience, or remove those that are no longer relevant.
A screenshot showing the button where you can manage campaigns from the Email Marketing dashboard.

Keep track of your monthly send balance

Use the monthly send balance, displayed in your Email Marketing dashboard, to make sure you're within the sending limit for your current plan. One "send" equals one email sent to one recipient. Each plan gives you a certain monthly allowance of emails to send to recipients per month. 
A screenshot showing the monthly balance of emails send in the Email Marketing dashboard.
Check out the Wix Email Marketing guide to learn more about creating engaging emails.

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