Email Marketing: Changing the Sender Details of Your Campaigns

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Edit the sender details of your campaigns so the name they show as sent from and the reply to email address is correct. Updating these details saves them for all future email marketing campaigns and Wix Automations emails. 
You can also change your sender details when sending an email campaign.

To change the sender details of your campaigns:

  1. Go to your Email Marketing Dashboard.
  2. Scroll to the Sender details section and click Edit Details or Add Details
  1. Edit the details:
    • From name: Enter the name the emails will show as sent from. This may be your business or personal name. 
    • Reply-to email: Enter the email address that recipients can reply to when they receive the emails.
  2. (If you updated the Reply-to email) Confirm your email address: 
    1. Go to your inbox and open the email titled "Your email confirmation code".
      Tip: Check your spam folder if you cannot find this email. 
    2. Copy the confirmation code. 
    3. Return to Confirm this email address message and paste the code into the Enter code field.
      Tip: Click Send again if you need to resend the code.
    4. Click Confirm
    5. Click Got It.
Due to the adoption of the DMARC policy by some public domain email providers (e.g. @yahoo, @aol), campaigns sent from these providers have a high chance of being rejected by the recipient's email host. 

If you use an email address from an email provider that has adopted the DMARC policy, your campaigns are sent from our authenticated email addresses. Replies are still sent to the Reply-to email address you entered.

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