About Your Monthly Email Marketing Balance

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Your email balance is determined by your email marketing plan. Each plan gives you a certain monthly allowance of emails to send to recipients per month.
Actions that affect your monthly balance include:
  • Sending an email
  • Resending an email
  • Triggering an automated email
  • Scheduling an email marketing campaign. (If you schedule a campaign to be sent to 50 contacts in one week, those 50 emails are automatically deducted from your quota). 
Actions that do not affect your monthly balance include:
  • Sending a test email: You can send yourself a test email or campaign and see how it looks to subscribers.
  • Transactional emails: Order confirmation, shipping confirmation, password reset, and other transactional emails do not impact your monthly balance.
If you've used your email limit for the month, you need to wait until the reset date or upgrade your email marketing plan.

Monthly balance in each email marketing plan

The table below shows the monthly balance of each email marketing plan.
Email marketing plan
Monthly email balance
200 emails / month
500 emails / month
5,000 emails / month
1,000,000 emails / month

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