Editor X: Adding Menus to Your Site

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In Editor X you can create and manage multiple menus on your site. Add as many menus as you want from the Add panel and customize them individually. 
Choose the unique items that appear on each menu. Menu items can link to different pages, anchors, external websites and more. You can even choose exactly which pages to display each menu on for a truly unique experience.
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Check out our lesson on menus in the Editor X academy. 

Adding a menu

Add as many menus as you want to your site from the Add panel. There's several types of menus you can add to suit your needs.

To add a menu:

  1. Click Add Elements   on the top of Editor X.
  2. Click Menu & Search.
  3. Click a menu type:
    • Horizontal: Traditional horizontal site menu that usually appear in the header or footer of a website.
    • Styled Horizontal: These advanced menus offer tons of unique customization options. You can tailor these menus to your exact needs, adjusting the layout and design of every single area. 
    • Vertical: Vertically arranged menus that look great on the right or left sides of websites.
    • HamburgerMinimalist, space-saving menus where the menu items are only displayed when visitors click the menu icon. The menu has an open and closed state.
    • Anchor: Floating vertical menu that displays anchor links. These are useful for navigating between the different sections on a page, such as on a one-page site, or on long pages.
  4. Drag a menu onto your site.

Adding items to a menu

You can update your menu at any given point by adding new items. Add pages and links to important information, as well as submenus to keep your menu organized.

To add items to a menu:

  1. Click your menu in the Editor.
  2. Click Manage Menu
  3. Click + Add New Item at the bottom.
  4. Choose which type of item you want to add:

Managing menu items

From the Manage Menu panel, you can rename items on your menu, change their destination URL and remove items you no longer need. 

To manage your existing menu items:

  1. Click your menu in the Editor.
  2. Click Manage Menu
  3. Depending on what you want to do with your menu item, click below:

Choosing which pages a menu appears on

Want your menu to appear on multiple pages? Attach it to a Master section and open the Masters panel, where you can choose which pages to show it on.  

To choose which pages show the menu:

  1. Add the menu to a Master section (e.g., header, section, footer).
  2. Click the Masters icon  on the top of Editor X.
  3. (From the Site Masters panel) Click the More Actions icon  on the section that contains the menu.
  4. Select Show on...
  5. Select the checkbox next to either:
    • All Pages.
    • The specific pages you want to show the section on.

Creating and managing multiple site menus

Want to show personalized menus in different parts of your site? Editor X lets you add as many menus as you need and decide which items appear on each.
After adding a new menu element, you can choose which menu it should display: An existing menu that you saved, or a new one that you create on the spot. This means you can save menus and re-use them on various menu elements across your site. 
Click below to learn how to:
Showing your menus on a Master?
Changing the menu on a Master section automatically affects all other pages that display the section. It's not possible to show different menus on different site pages, if it's the same Master section. 

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