Content Manager: Connecting Elements to a Collection Using a Dataset

After creating a collection and adding a dataset to your page, you can connect your elements to your collection. You can then collect information from your visitors or display collection content on your page through the connected elements.
Each dynamic page comes with a dataset. A dataset is used to connect your elements to your collection. This is what it looks like:
A dataset is only visible in the Editor. Your site visitors can't see it. Learn more about displaying and capturing content with datasets.

To connect an element to your collection:

  1. Click the element in your Editor.
  2. Click the Connect to Data icon .
  1. Select the dataset that you want to connect your element to under Connect a dataset.
    • Note: Options vary depending on the type of element selected. For instance, a repeater has a Components section, a gallery has Connection Options
  2. Under Connection Options:
    • Depending on the element, connect the image, text fields etc. to the desired item in your collection.

    • Select Add a new collection field.
      • Enter a Field Name and a Field Type.
After connecting an element to display content from your collection, click Preview or publish your site to see the changes and the content displayed.
Want to learn more?
Check out the full course in Wix Learn on getting started with the Content Manager. Check out the fourth video about how to add and remove dynamic content.

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