Adding Legal Notices to Your Wix Site

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The explanations and information provided here are only general explanations, information and samples. You should not rely on this article as legal advice or as a recommendation as to what you should actually do. We recommend that you consult a legal advisor or refer to the competent authorities in your country, in order to help you understand and assist you in creating your legal notices.
Wix is a DIY (do it yourself) platform. However, our goal is to help you as much as possible in the use of our platform.
The legal requirements for the mandatory legal notices to be added to your site may vary according to the type of activities & services offered by your site, your local regulations and also according to the geographical location of your site visitors. As the site owner, you are solely responsible for complying with all such legal provisions and applicable laws. Below is a summary of the information you may need to add to your site and how to add it.

In this article, learn about creating a:

Your legal notices should appear on a dedicated page. Therefore, your first action will be to create a page that will contain these notices.
Once your page is created, you will need to make sure that your visitors will be able to easily locate and access this page. Adding a link to this page in your footer makes your legal notices easily identifiable.
For simplified management, we recommend that you use one text box per section, in order to be able to modify or delete a section without having to interact with the rest of the content of your page.

Notice relating to the use of cookies

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a site visitor's browser. Your Wix site uses cookies for important reasons, such as:
  • To provide a good experience for your site visitors
  • To identify the members of your site (the users who have registered on your site)
  • To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and efficiency of the Wix platform
  • To ensure that our platform is safe and secure
In general, cookies that are initially placed on your Wix site are classified as essential cookies. However, since our platform gives you the ability to add multiple components, codes and external applications, your site may include other types of cookies that may require specific configurations.
To learn more about cookies and how to add this information to your site, please read our article Cookies and your Wix site.

Notice relating to the use of personal data

Be aware that there are steps you need to take to make sure your site is compliant with the regulations in your country. In order to help you understand your obligations concerning personal data, please read as appropriate:

Notice relating to your Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions are a set of legal terms defined by the owner of a website. They set forth the terms and conditions governing the activities of website visitors while on the website, as well as defining the relationship between the site visitor and the website owner.
Terms and conditions need to be tailored according to the specific needs and nature of each website. For more info and examples, learn about creating a terms and conditions policy

Notice relating to Imprint

Imprint (Impressum) is a legal requirement in a number of countries in Northern Europe including France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is a statement of ownership for any published content including content published online.
The information needed in an imprint varies depending on the type of your company or website. We recommend that you seek legal advice when creating your imprint, specific to your region. See below the types of information often required in an imprint:
  • Full name and address of the company
  • Names of the company's directors
  • Company phone number, and email address
  • Name and address of the court / commercial register with which the company is registered and its (commercial) register number
  • VAT identification number of the company
  • If your website offers services as part of an activity that requires regulatory approval, details of the relevant regulatory authority must be provided
Imprint also requires you to include identifying information about your site host (Wix), which you can find here:
Wix Online Platforms Limited 
1 Grant's Row,
Dublin 2 D02HX96,
Phone: Please click here.

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