About the Pricing Plans Tab

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In the Pricing Plans tab you can create new plans, view and edit the plans you've already created, and more.
After clients purchase membership plans and packages, you can view and manage them in the Subscriptions tab. 

Create new plans

Create the perfect plans for your business. You can offer your plans as a one-time payment or set recurring payments every week, month, or year. 
You can connect a Pricing Plan to content and services created in Wix. For example, your plan can include access to Wix Bookings services, blog posts, forum categories, or website pages.

Edit a plan

Need to make changes to a plan? Just hover over the relevant plan and click Edit,

Archive a plan

You can archive plans that you no longer want customers to see on your site. The plan remains active for customers who've already purchased the subscription, but no new customers can purchase it.
To archive a plan, click the More Actions icon  next to the relevant plan and select Archive.
  • Click the Archived Plans tab to view the plans that you've archived.
  • Once you archive a plan, you cannot make it active again.

Reorder your plans

Reordering your plans changes the order of the plans on your site. To reorder your plans, select a plan and drag it to the new location.

Manually add clients to a plan

If you sell a client a plan offline (e.g. in person or by phone), you can update your records to show the purchase. Click the More Actions button on the top right and select Sell Plan Offline

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