Wix Studio: Getting Leads and Project Requests from the Wix Marketplace

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As a Wix Partner, the amount of leads and project requests you receive from the Wix Marketplace depends on several factors. 

To increase your chances of receiving more, it's important to follow the guidelines, respond quickly and effectively to potential clients, and deliver completed projects in a timely manner.

You can also gain more exposure and attract new clients by showcasing your portfolio in the Wix Marketplace, getting positive reviews from clients and making appropriate adjustments to your service offerings.
A screenshot of getting a new lead from the Wix Marketplace.

Respond promptly to requests from potential clients

As a Partner in the Wix Marketplace, you'll receive new project requests from potential clients and get notified in your Wix Studio workspace and via email. You can access details, respond, update project statuses, or decline projects if they're not a good fit for your business. 

Make sure to respond as soon as possible and update the status of the project so it does not accidentally expire. You can also set up an automation to automatically respond to new leads.

Setting your availability is also essential in managing your project requests effectively. Make sure to adjust your availability when you're unavailable to avoid receiving project requests or leads that you can't respond to in a timely manner. Failure to respond to requests within 3 days can negatively affect your ranking in the Wix Marketplace, so be proactive and respond promptly to all project requests.
A screenshot of click Send Email and then replying to the contact.
View your projects:
Go to your Marketplace Overview tab and click the Projects tab on the left. Learn more about managing your projects.

Showcase your expertise in the Wix Marketplace

Showcasing your expertise in the Wix Marketplace can help you attract more clients and grow your business. Once you've completed a project for a client, submit it to the Marketplace to increase your visibility. The more projects you submit, the more Wix Marketplace requests you'll receive. 

You can also add the sites you've created to your profile as Featured Projects. This allows you to showcase up to 20 Premium Wix sites, displaying your best work and grabbing potential clients' attention. By highlighting your skills and expertise, you can build trust with clients and establish yourself as a professional in the Wix Marketplace.
A screenshot of a Partner's profile in the Wix Marketplace.
View your Wix Marketplace profile:
Go to Wix Marketplace Profile and click View My Profile on the top right. Check out the Wix Marketplace Profile Guide for tips on highlighting your skills and expertise.

Build your reputation with client reviews

Once you've submitted a completed project for a client through the Wix Marketplace, they'll get an email asking them to review your work. 

When your clients post a review, it's displayed on your Wix Marketplace profile for other potential clients to see. The more good reviews you get, the better your profile looks. 
A screenshot of your Reviews tab in your Wix Marketplace profile..
If you've submitted a project but your client hasn't submitted a review, you can send them a link to fill out the review form. You can also reply to your client reviews.

Tailor your service offerings

We match you with leads from Wix users looking to hire your skills and expertise. Make sure your services, rates, location, languages and availability are accurate and up-to-date in your Wix Marketplace profile. 

By default, the Wix Marketplace sends leads from clients based anywhere in the world. To maximize your lead potential, consider expanding your language offerings and locations. By adding more languages and specifying additional locations, you can open the door to a wider range of clients. Customize your lead preferences by choosing to receive leads from clients in specific countries or who speak certain languages.
While the Wix Marketplace will only match you with clients based on your preferences, clients from any country can still contact you directly through the Wix Marketplace.
A screenshot of your service & rates in your Wix marketplace profile.
To update your profile and service offerings, go to your Marketplace Profile tab and make the necessary changes.

Get better results by following our guidelines

To make the most of the Wix Marketplace and ensure a professional experience for both you and your clients, it's important to follow the Wix Marketplace lead matching guidelines and Rules and Guidelines for Partners in the Wix Marketplace. These guidelines take into account your responsiveness, availability, and the number of projects you submit to the Marketplace. By adhering to these guidelines, you can increase your chances of generating more leads and getting matched with the right clients. 

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