Wix Stores: Adding Store Elements

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Wix Stores offers a variety of elements that help you showcase your products exactly the way you want to. 
In this article, learn more about:

Adding store elements

After you decide which elements you want, you can add them from the Add panel and then position then anywhere on your site.

The Grid Product Gallery displays your products in a grid layout. Add a gallery to any site page and then decide what to display: All your products or one specific category.  
Alternatively, you can add a new shop page that comes with a Grid Gallery built in. Go to Pages on the left side of the Editor, select Store Pages, and click +Add Shop Page.
Next steps:
Click the gallery and Choose Category, then select which category you want to display.

A slider gallery is the perfect way to show off your products. Customers can click the navigation arrows to view more. 
  • You can display up to 32 products in a Slider Gallery.
  • You can customize the gallery so it displays your best selling products.
Next steps:
Click the gallery and Choose Category, then select which category you want to display.

Show your customers other products that might interest them. A related products widget is a great way to increase sales.

Product Widget

The product widget allows you to display a single product anywhere on your site. This is a great option if you want to display a product somewhere other than your regular shop pages.
You can choose from one of the two Product Widget styles:
Next steps:

Shopping Cart Icon

Wix Stores comes with a Cart Icon which appears in your site's header. If you deleted the cart icon, you can easily re-add it or add an additional icon.
By default, if you add the Cart Icon to the header or footer, it is displayed on all site pages. To change this setting you can right click the cart icon and click the Show on All Pages toggle to disable it.
To customize or hide the mini-cart that opens on the right when a customer clicks "Add to Cart", go to the Cart Icon settings. 

Add to Cart Button

You can place a standalone Add to Cart Button anywhere on your site. The button is linked to the product you choose.  

Currency Converter

Make it easy for customers to view prices in a familiar currency by adding a Currency Converter to your store. 
Screenshot of the currency converter dropdown displaying the available currencies.
  • Currency rates are provided by XE. By clicking "Add Currencies" you agree to XE's Terms of Use.
  • The Currency Converter is available for sites upgraded to a plan that supports converting to multiple currencies.
  • The Currency Converter changes the display currency on your site. It doesn't change the currency of sale transactions.
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Check out the full course in Wix Learn on building your store or skip to the last video on designing and publishing your store.

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