Wix Restaurants: Rejecting Orders in the Wix Owner App

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Easily reject a restaurant order from the Wix Owner app. Once you reject an order it is also removed from the New Orders and In Progress tabs.

To reject an order in the Wix Owner app:

  1. Go to your site in the Wix Owner app.
  2. Tap Manage  at the bottom.
  3. Tap Orders under Business.
  4. Tap on the order you want to reject in the New tab. You can also do this for an order you've already accepted.
  5. Tap the Show More  icon at the top right.
  6. Tap Reject Order.

  7. Enter a reason for why you are rejecting the order.
    Note: The reason for the rejection is shown on the customer's order page.
  8. Tap Reject at the top right.
  9. Contact the customer to let them know that their order has been rejected.
  • After you reject an order you must contact the customer to let them know that their order has been unsuccessful. To learn how to contact a customer from the Wix Owner app, click here.
  • Rejecting an order does not automatically void or refund the transaction. You must void the transaction in the dashboard of your chosen payment gateway. To locate the transaction ID, tap the order in the Orders tab. The ID is under the payment information.

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