Wix Restaurants: About Printing Online Orders (New)

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The new Online Orders app enables you to print upcoming, current, and past orders. You can print orders manually from both your dashboard and the Wix Owner app using an A4 printer. Additionally, with the Wix Owner app you use auto-print with supported thermal printers.
This article is about the new Restaurants Orders app. 

Printing orders using a thermal printer from the Wix Owner app

Print incoming orders using a thermal printer right from your device with the Wix Owner app. Connect a printer to the Wix Owner app and print restaurant orders from wherever you are. Once you've connected a printer, orders will be automatically printed when you have the app open.
See the list of supported thermal printers by Star and Epson. 
owner app thermal printing

Printing orders from your dashboard

Print your restaurant's orders right from your site's dashboard. You can print current orders from the Online Orders tab, or any past order from the Orders tab. You also have the option to bulk print from the Orders tab for added convenience.
A screenshot of an order on the wix dashboard with the print order menu open

Printing orders manually using an A4 printer from the Wix Owner app

Print your orders using an A4 printer connected to your mobile device. Once your printer is connected, you can manually print new and past orders.
A screenshot of the wix owner app print order button
Experiencing issues while printing from the Wix Owner app?
Learn how to troubleshoot printing orders from the Wix Owner app

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