Wix Photo Albums: Editing Your Album's Cover Information

Change the information appearing on your album cover at any time. This includes your album's name, your business name, logo and more. 

To edit your album's cover:

  1. Go to your Photo Albums in your site's dashboard. 
  2. Click Manage next to the relevant album. 
  3. Click Customize. 
  4. Click Media
  5. Click Change Photo under Album Cover
  6. Upload the relevant image. 
  7. Click Text
  8. Click the Cover tab. 
  9. Edit your album info:
    • Album title: Click the text box to add or change the title of your album. 
    • Button text: Click the text box to add or change the text of the button that appears on your album cover. 
    • More info: Click the More info toggle to enable or disable it:
      • Enabled: An additional field is added to your album cover. Here you can add some relevant info about your album, e.g., the album date. 
        • Click the text box to add more info about your album. 
      • Disabled: Additional information is not displayed on your album cover. 
    • Business info: Click the Business info toggle to enable or disable it:
      • Enabled: You can choose to add a business name in the field provided below or add a logo to your album cover. Note: The logo should be 300 x 100 px. We recommend it to be in PNG format.
      • Disabled: Your Business name or logo is not displayed on your album cover.
Changing the font style or color:
To change the font style or color of your text that appears on your album cover, click the Design tab, choose what you want to customize and click that Cover tab at the top to display the options available. 
Changes are saved automatically, however, in order to see the change on your live site, you need to click Publish Now at the top right of your Album Editor.
The album name you choose is part of your photo album URL, for example:
  • Free site: https://mystunningwebsite.wixsite.com/album-name.
  • Premium site: https://album-name.mystunningwebsite.com/
We would love to hear your feedback! Please email us at photographyfeedback@wix.com.

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