Wix Online Programs: Translating Your Online Programs

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Expand your Online Programs to a wider audience using Wix Multilingual. You can streamline the translation process for your programs through the Translation Manager in your site's dashboard. 
Whether your programs are scheduled or self-paced, you can manage translations for each program type.
Before you begin:
First, you need to add and set up Wix Multilingual. You can add Wix Multilingual from your editor, your site's dashboard, or from the Wix App Market.  

To manage translations in your site's dashboard:

  1. Go to Translation Manager in your site's dashboard.
  2. Hover over Online Programs on the left and click on the relevant program type: Scheduled programs or Self-paced programs 
    It is only possible to translate published and active programs.
  3. Choose the relevant option:
    • If you auto-translated your site: Review the automated translations and edit if necessary.
    • If you didn't use auto-translation: Translate the custom fields and policies manually.
  4. Click Save and Publish
A screenshot of the translation manager in a site's dashboard.
Currently, it is not possible to override the Online Programs widget texts in secondary languages in your editor.

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