Wix Music: Promoting Your Music With Email Campaigns

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Promote your Wix Music using Wix Email Marketing! Start with any stunning template, add a Wix Music Player and connect with your fans.
You need to upload music for the player to work.

To create an email campaign for your music:

  1. Go to your Music Library. 
  2. Select the music you want to promote.  
  3. Click the Show Moreicon on the top right. 
  4. Click Promote.

  5. Hover over a template and click Use Template
  6. Add the music player to your campaign: 
    1. Click Addon the left.
    2. Click Music.
    3. Select your music from the drop-down menu. 
    4. Next to Choose Theme, select an option:
      • Light: The color scheme is light. 
      • Dark: The color scheme is dark. 
    5. Click Apply.
  7. Customize your email campaign. 
  8. Click Next to send your email campaign. 
You can also access and create an email campaign from your Email Marketing dashboard. From there you can check the status and statistics of your campaign. 

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