Wix Multilingual: Translating Your Site

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This article applies to sites built in the Wix Editor and Editor X. Sites built with Wix ADI are currently not integrated with Wix Multilingual. 
Create a tailored, personalized website experience for visitors around the world using Wix Multilingual. In this article, you'll find a step-by-step guide, from adding Wix Multilingual to translating your content.
Screenshot of live site with multilingual language menu visible.

Step 1 | Add Wix Multilingual

First, you need to add Wix Multilingual to your site and choose your main and secondary languages. When selecting your main site language, keep in mind that this is the default language your site visitors will first encounter. 
There are a variety of ways to add the app to your site. Learn how to add Wix Multilingual
Screenshot of Add a new language options in the Multilingual dashboard.

Step 2 | Switch to a secondary language

After adding Wix Multilingual to your site, switch to your secondary language to start working on the translation. The Switch Languages panel at the top left of your Editor allows you to navigate between languages with just one click.
Click an option below to learn how to switch to a secondary language in:

Step 3 | Translate your Editor content

After switching to your secondary language, translate each part of your content in your Editor. With Wix Multilingual you can translate your site's content (e.g., text, images, links, etc.) in two ways:
Learn more about elements that you can translate by clicking a link below:
Gif of text being manually translated in the Wix Editor.

Step 4 | Translate your apps

After translating elements in your Editor, head over to the Multilingual dashboard to translate your app content. You can translate various Wix apps like Wix Stores, Wix Events and Wix Chat. We are working on making all Wix apps and third-party apps translatable.
Screenshot of Multilingual dashboard with

Step 5 | Make the translation visible

Now you're ready to go live. Go to Site Languages in the Multilingual dashboard to make the language visible. Then head over to your Editor to publish and make the changes live.

To publish your translations:

  1. Go to Site Languages in the Multilingual dashboard. 
  2. Click the Status drop-down next to your language and select Visible.
  3. (In the Editor) Click Publish at the top right to publish your site.

What's next?
Customize your language menu. The language menu is the menu your site visitors use to switch from one language to another. Learn how to customize your language menu on desktop and mobile.