Wix Multilingual: Translating Your Online Programs

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Expand your Online Programs to a wider audience using Wix Multilingual. Translate your programs manually, or with Auto-translate, directly from the Multilingual dashboard.
Currently, it is only possible to translate published and active programs.

To translate your online programs with Wix Multilingual:

  1. Click the Switch Languages panel in the top left side of the Editor.
  1. Click Manage Languages.
  2. Click Your Business Content.
  3. (If necessary) Click the language drop-down to select the relevant language.
A screenshot of the language drop-down.
  1. Click Translate next to the relevant program type, for example, "Self Paced Programs".
  2. Click Translate next to the relevant program.
  3. Enter a translation for each piece of text, or click the Google Translate icon to automatically translate. Once you have reviewed the translation, click the checkmark to save your changes.
A screenshot of the Online Programs section of the Translation Manager.
  1. Click Next Item to move to the next gallery.

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