Wix Multilingual: Creating a Multilingual Site with Right-to-Left Content

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The language directionality of some written languages is from right-to-left (e.g. Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu). Expand your site's global reach by designing a multilingual site with right-to-left content. Localize your content by changing the direction of your text, site menu, images and videos, and more.

Text alignment and direction

Wix Multilingual lets you translate text automatically, using our Auto-translate option, or you can enter your translations manually. 
Click below to learn more about text alignment and direction for each option:
With Wix Business Solutions (e.g. Stores, Bookings, Hotels), a change in writing direction will apply to all languages. We recommend you use centered text alignment if you have both RTL and LTR content. 

Changing text direction in elements

Choose a text direction per language for elements that display text. You can change the text direction in strips, slideshows, hover boxes and repeaters.

Click an option below to learn how to change text direction for that element:

Adjusting your site menu direction per language

Set your menu to be right-to-left to create a seamless navigation experience for RTL language speakers. You can adjust the order of your menu items and the menu's alignment depending on which menu experience is available to you.

New menu experience

This feature is not yet live to all users.
With the new menu experience, you can use the alignment feature to choose the direction of your main language's menu items. You can also re-order your menu items from the Menu Manager. The direction you choose for your main language will apply to all language versions of your site. 
Click an option below to learn how to change your menu's alignment and re-order menu items:

Previous menu experience

With the previous menu experience, you can use the Site Menu tab to reorder your menu items and create a smooth navigation experience. 

Using single images and videos

Use single images and videos on your site so that you can easily change the order of the content per language. For example, you may have several images in a row, but you want them to appear in the opposite direction for another language. 

Adjusting your social bar

Reorder the icons on your social bar for each language direction to display the each language's icons in a logical order. 

Using multi-state boxes to display different content

Add multi-state boxes that display different content based on the selected language. You can create a different "state" for each language and tailor the design individually to support your RTL and LTR content. Learn more about using multi-state boxes to switch from LTR to RTL.
Currently, Wix Multilingual does not offer an automatic mirroring feature that would allow left-to-right content to be automatically aligned right-to-left for RTL languages (e.g., Arabic or Hebrew). If this is something you'd like to see in the future, vote for that feature.
Would you like to see additional RTL capabilities?
What additional RTL capabilities would you like to see in Wix Multilingual? Contact Customer Care with your feedback and suggestions

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