Wix Groups: Member Privacy Settings for Groups

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When you add Groups to your site, a Wix Members Area is automatically added too. Members then have their own profile page for managing personal information and connecting with others.
There are two types of profiles:
  • Public profiles: Members' profiles are visible to other site members. They can follow and be followed, post, leave comments, and react to posts and activities.
  • Private profile: Only members' names and profile pictures are visible. They can follow or be followed, comment, post, and react to site content.
You can customize the profile privacy settings in the Member Sign Up Form for new site members. Members can adjust this setting according to their preference after joining.
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Customizing the privacy of the Member Signup Form

You can customize the privacy settings of the Member Sign Up Form. Then, members can later switch their privacy setting and decide what information they want to show. 
When new people join your site, you can set up an automation to enable them to join your group automatically.
Wix Editor
Editor X
Studio Editor
  1. Click Pages & Menuon the left side of the Wix Editor.
  2. Click Signup & Login.
  3. Select Member Signup Form.
  4. Click the Social & Community tab.
  5. Select the relevant Signup privacy footnote customization checkbox:
    • Footnote only: Members sign up with a public profile.
    • Checkbox for members to choose profile privacy on signup.
      1. Sign up to this site with a public profile: Click the toggle for people to sign up with a public profile.
        • Enabled: The checkbox is automatically selected for a public profile.
        • Disabled: The checkbox for a public profile is not selected.
A screenshot of the Member Signup Form in the Wix Editor.
A screenshot of the Signup privacy footnote customization checkbox on the Sign Up page on a site.

Changing the privacy of a members' profile

Members can set their profile as public or private, deciding what to share with others. They can switch between these settings on their Profile page in their member account.
You can send the instructions below to your members to help them switch their profile privacy.

To change the privacy of a members' profile:

  1. (When signed in) Click the drop-down on the member login bar. 
  2. Click Profile.
  3. Click Edit Profile.
  4. Click the Profile Visibility drop-down under Account Settings and select the privacy of your profile (e.g. Make Profile Private or Make Profile Public).
  5. Click Confirm.
A screnshot of the Profile Visibility drop-down under Account Settings in a members' profile.


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