Wix Groups: Creating Subscription Based Posts

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Create exclusive posts for group members who have subscribed with a pricing plan. For example, you can offer a series of tutorials in a post that only paying members can watch. This is a great way to generate revenue by getting people to purchase a plan.
A screenshot of a subscription based post in a live group.
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Creating subscription based posts

Create a new subscription-based post by linking it to a pricing plan. You can also change an existing post to be subscription-based. 

Group members see "Exclusive post" at the top of each subscription-based post. Members who purchase the specified pricing plan can access the post and view its content, while non-subscribers can click Subscribe Now and view it.
A screenshot of a preview for an Exclusive Post for non-subscribers.
Before you begin:
Owner app
  1. Go to Groups in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant group.
  3. Choose what you want to do:
A screenshot of the Groups panel in a site's dashboard.
Assign topics to subscription-based posts to categorize exclusive content in your group. Members can easily find posts they are interested in by filtering through topics.


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