Wix Forms: Adding Payments to a Site Form

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Collect visitor information and ask them to pay for a product or service at the same time using a payment form. You can add a payment and checkout process to most site forms. Once a visitor submits the form, they are sent to a checkout page where they complete their payment. Add payments to forms such as registering for fitness classes, making charitable donations or charging for a 1-1 service.

Step 1 | Add a form to your site

Go to your Editor to add a form to your site. Choose from forms such as Order forms, Registration forms, or Donation forms which all have payment attached. You can also add the payment option to most other forms. If you don't like the design of the form you can always customize it later. 
Not all types of forms allow payments.

To add a form to your site:

Step 2 | Set up payments in your form settings

Once you've added a form to your site, set up the payment and checkout process in the form settings. You must have a Premium plan as well as a connected payment method before you can proceed.

To set up payments in your form settings:

  1. Go to your Editor.
  2. Click the form you want to add payments to.
  3. Click Form Settings.
  4. Click Payment.
  5. Click Get Started to set up payments on this form.
  6. Click Next
  7. Choose a type of payment form and fill out the relevant details:
8.  Connect a payment method or click Next if it's already set up.
9.  Upgrade to a Premium plan if you don't already have one. Then click Done.
The green checkmark next to Status in the Payment tab shows that your form is ready to accept payments. If you're having trouble connecting the form, navigate to the troubleshooting steps below.
Write a few details about your product/service within your form to give your site visitors more information about what they're purchasing.

Step 3 | (Optional) Customize your form fields

After setting up payments on your form, customize the form fields according to the information you want visitors to submit. You can add, edit or remove fields as needed. 

To customize your form fields:

  1. Click on the form in your Editor.
  2. Manage your form fields using the available options:
    • Edit an existing field: 
      1. Click the relevant field in your form. 
      2. Click Edit Field.
      3. Edit the field using the available options:
        • Click the Field title text box to add a title for the field name.   Tip: Learn more about adding field titles to your form.
        • Select the relevant option under Show initial text:
          • None: No text appears in the field. 
          • Placeholder text: Add text to the field to help visitors understand what data they should enter (e.g. "Add it here"). 
    • Add a new field:
      1. Click the form.
      2. Click Add New Field or click the Plus icon .
      3. Click the Add icon  next to the field you want to add. 
    • Remove a field: 
      1. Click the relevant field in your form. 
      2. Press "Delete" in your keyboard. 
What's next?
Design your form to tailor the form fields and background to your brand.


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