Wix Events: Customizing the Registration Form for Ticketed Events

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When guests buy event tickets, they fill out a form. You can customize the form fields to gather the information you need from guests.
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Customizing the registration form of a ticketed event

Update the fields in the registration form to get the details you need from your guests (e.g. phone numbers).

To customize the registration form:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select the relevant event.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  1. Click Edit next to Registration Form.
  2. Choose whether to collect info per order or per ticket:
    Learn more about collecting guest info for individual tickets.
    • Fill out 1 registration form per order: Guest fills out the registration form once, even if buying multiple tickets.
    • Fill out a registration form for each ticket in an order:  Guest fills out a separate registration form for each ticket. 
  3. Edit the form text:
    1. Hover over any the text fields and click the Edit icon .
    2. Edit the text and click the checkmark to save. 
  1. Add additional preset fields to the form:
    1. Click +Add More Options.
    2. Select the field you want to add.
    3. Edit the option using the available customizations.
    4. (Optional) Select the Make this info required checkbox.
      Note: When selected, guests cannot RSVP without entering the requested information.
  2. Add a custom question to the form: 
    1. Click Custom Question.
    2. Enter a title under Custom Question Text (e.g. Joining the jam?).
    3. Select the type of response (e.g. multiple choice).
    4. If you selected, Dropdown Menu, Multiple Choice, or Checkboxes, enter all the options your guests can choose from (e.g. Yes, No). Press Enter on your keyboard after every choice.
    5. Click the checkmark to save. 
  3. (Optional) Edit the "Continue" button text: 
    1. Hover over Continue and click the Edit icon .
    2. Edit the button text and click the checkmark to save.
  4. Click Save at the top right.


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