Wix Events: Canceling and Refunding Orders for Events with Tickets

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You may find it necessary to cancel an event and provide a refund to guests who purchased tickets. 

Step 1 | Set Up How to Communicate the Change to Guests

Make sure to send a clear message to those who bought tickets to your event. This helps increase customer satisfaction and decrease the chances that guests will perform a chargeback through the payment provider. 
To message guests, make sure the cancelation email is enabled and edit the text to explain the changes and your refund policy.  
Instead (or in addition to) the cancelation email, you can communicate with guests by sending an email marketing campaign

Step 2 | Cancel Your Event

Cancel the event so that no new tickets are sold.

Step 3 | Refund guests

Refunds must be processed through the payment provider used for the sale and are processed for each guest individually. For example, if your guests bought tickets through PayPal, you would need to refund each order there. 
To get started, click to select a order in the Orders tab and click Refund Order.
  • When you refund a buyer's ticket for which a Wix service fee was collected, the service fee is fully refunded (to you or your buyer) by the payment processor. Partial refunds are proportionately refunded (e.g. refunding 50% of the ticket price reduces the service fee by 50%.) Note that processing fees collected by payment providers are separate from the Wix service fee. Check with your payment provider what their policy is regarding refunds on processing fees.  
  • Make sure to keep track of which guests you've refunded. If you have a long guest list, you may find it helpful to export the guest list to a CVS file

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