Wix Events: Managing Ticket Orders

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In the Orders tab, you can see how many tickets you’ve sold as well as the total revenue for the event. Unlike the Guest List tab, where you can manage individual guests, here you can view and manage each order you received (in case you have multiple guests in a single order).
Order statuses:
  • Paid: Payment was received.
  • Pending: The guest paid online but the payment has not yet arrived.
  • Not Paid: The Not Paid status appears in these cases:
  • Processing: The guest made a payment, but the payment provider is still processing it. 
  • Declined: The guest paid, but the payment was declined by the payment provider. Note that if an order is "Pending" for over 2 hours, the status changes to "Declined" and tickets become available for purchase by others. 

To manage your orders:

  1. Go to Events in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select the published, ticketed event you want to view.
  3. Click the Orders tab. 
  1. View the list of orders made for your event.
    Tip: Use the search bar to search for a guest by name. 
  2. Manage your orders by doing the following:

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