Wix Editor: Updates to PayPal Buttons

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PayPal have announced that they are moving to a new version PayPal buttons in February 2023. This means that there are important changes to the way you set up and use PayPal Buy Now and Donate buttons on your Wix site.
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This article refers to the use of PayPal buttons only, and is separate from connecting PayPal as a payment provider

Updates to PayPal Buy Now buttons

Due to changes in the API of PayPal buttons, there are certain steps in the process of setting up your Buy Now button that are required, or that we recommend completing.
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Updates to PayPal Donate buttons

As the API of PayPal buttons has changed, some fields in the process of setting up your Donate button must be filled in order for it to function as expected. There are also additional fields that we recommend completing to ensure a clear, smooth experience for your visitors.
If you enable the Let visitors set own amount toggle, the donation amount field doesn't need to be filled. However, if you disable this option, we recommend setting an amount.
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