Wix Editor: Adding and Setting Up a PayPal Buy Now Button

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PayPal Buy Now buttons allow you to sell products on your site, without needing to add an online store. The button links to your PayPal account and product, so it's quick and easy for visitors to make purchases.
Add the button to your page, and set it up by linking it to your PayPal account. You can also choose its layout, currency, and language. 

Step 1 | Add a Buy Now button

Add a Buy Now button to sell a product through your PayPal account. You can link one item per button, and add as many buttons as you need to sell different products across your site.

To add a Buy Now button to your site:

  1. Click Add Elements  in your Editor.
  2. Click Button.
  3. Click PayPal Buttons.
  4. Click and drag the Buy Now button to add it to your site.
The Add Elements panel. The Buttons tab has been selected, and the cursor is hovering over the PayPal Buy now button.

Step 2 | Set up your button

After adding the Buy Now button, link it to your Paypal account and set the product details (e.g. item name, price, etc.). When visitors click the button, they're directed to PayPal to complete the purchase.

To set up your PayPal Buy Now button:

  1. Click the PayPal button in the Editor.
  2. Click Add PayPal Info.
  3. Select Selling under What's this button for?.
  4. Set up the buttons with the below options:
    1. What's your PayPal email?: Enter the email address you want to link into the field.
    2. What's the product's name?: Enter the name of the product or item into the field.
    3. Want to add an ID number?: Add the ID number of the product into the field (optional).
    4. What's the price?: Enter the price of the product into the field.
    5. What's the currency?: Click the drop-down menu to select the currency for the button.
    6. How does PayPal open?: Click the drop-down menu to select whether Paypal opens in the same window, or a new window. 
    7. What language is the button in?: Click the drop-down menu to select the button's language.
The PayPal button settings panel in the editor. The cursor is hovering over the option to add an ID number.
Due to changes in the PayPal API, you must fill the PayPal email field in order to complete your button's set up. We also recommend entering the product's name, and confirming its price. Learn more about changes to PayPal buttons

Step 3 | Choose your button's layout

Set how you want the button to look on your site. You can choose between a button that shows accepted cards, or a button without them.

To choose the layout of your PayPal button:

  1. Click the button in your Editor.
  2. Click the Layout icon .
  3. Select a layout preset from the options.
The PayPal button layout panel is open in the Editor. The cursor is hovering over the last preset.
You do not get notifications on your Wix account for purchases made through PayPal buttons. This is because the payments are made to the PayPal account, and not your Wix account.

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