Wix Editor: Adding a Site Menu

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A site menu is an essential part of your website. Every site should have one so that your site visitors can navigate between your pages or sections.

If you are using a template, your site already has a menu on it. Click the menu to customize it, or delete it and add a new one following the steps below.

To add a site menu:

  1. Click Add Elements from the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click Menu & Anchor.
  3. Click a menu type:
    • My Menus: If you've already added menus to your site, the styles you've chosen appear in this section so you can use them again.  
    • Themed Menus: These menus have been handpicked to match your site.
    • Horizontal Menus: A horizontal menu is usually placed in the header or footer of a site.
    • Vertical Menus: A vertical menu can be placed anywhere you want on your site. Be sure to set it to show on all pages
    • In-page Menus: Display your anchors and sections in a cool, floating menu. As the in-page menu is pinned to the screen, it is always visible wherever your site visitors are on your page.
  4. Drag your chosen menu element on to your page.
Did you know?
You can also add Site Search from the Menu & Anchor tab. Site Search lets your visitors search for anything on your site using a search bar, and the results of the search are displayed clearly in a list. Learn more about Site Search
A menu should be displayed on every page of your site. If your menu is placed in the header or footer, it automatically shows on every page. If you are using a vertical menu, or a horizontal menu (not in your header or footer) make sure you set it to show on all pages.

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