Wix Editor: Adding a Page to Your Site

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Add pages to create an informative and interesting site for your visitors. 
There are a variety of page types available, so you can find whatever you need to build your online presence. Each page type also has a range of preset design options with useful elements to help you expand your site quickly and easily. 
The Add Page panel has been opened in the Wix Editor. Some About page templates are displayed
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Adding a new page

Choose from a variety of professional pre-designed pages offered by Wix, or start from scratch with a blank page. Any new page you add is automatically added to your site menu.

To add a new page:

  1. Click Pages & Menu  on the left side of the Editor.
  2. Click Site Menu.
  3. Click Add Menu Item at the bottom of the panel.
  4. Select New page.
  5. Select either a blank page or a template:
    • Add a blank page: Click + Blank Page at the top left.
    • Choose a template: Hover over the design you want to use and click Add Page.
  6. Enter the new page name in the Pages panel.
  7. Click Done.
  8. Design the new page to your liking.
The Pages & Menu panel in the Editor. The cursor is hovering over the New page button.

Available page templates

Pre-designed pages include all the elements you need, organized in a sleek layout that is easy to manage. Our templates are organized by category so you can easily find the right page for your site.
Select an option below to learn more about the available template types.
Did you know?
You can easily navigate to different pages by selecting the Switch page panel on the top bar of the Editor

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