Wix Editor: About Shape Dividers

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Shape dividers are graphic shapes you can use to create unique, fluid transitions between strips and sections. There are lots of designs and customization options available, so you can really personalize your layout and create eye-catching pages.
a GIF showing shape dividers on a live site.

Enhance the design of your sections and strips

Shape dividers are graphic shapes you can apply to the top and / or bottom of your strip or section to add a unique, professional touch. Since they divide the sections / strips on your page, you can use shape dividers to create the perfect transition between pieces of content.
Whether you want strong, impactful angles, or prefer soft, fluid shapes, there are a a variety of designs available to suit your needs. In the Media Manager, you can find even more complex shapes and patterns. 
The wix media catalog showing additional shape divider designs

Use your own unique shapes

In addition to our suggested shapes, you can also upload your own custom dividers. Custom shape dividers are a great way to reinforce your brand, and add a personal touch to your content. 
Choose a file from your computer, or export a file from a vector editing software. After adding your file, you can adjust the design to make it look exactly how you want.
A GIF showing a site SVG file being added as a shape divider, and being edited.

Personalize the shape divider

After selecting a divider, adjust its design to create striking, streamlined layouts. You can use the design options to complement your strip or section's theme, or stand out against the content. Choose the color, set the visibility, and change its position to make it look how you want. 
The shape divider design panel. The cursor is hovering over the 'Effect direction' dropdown.


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