Wix Blog: Recommended Image Sizes

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Make sure your blog images display optimally by using recommended image sizes. Learn about the recommended image sizes for:

Blog post images

It is recommended to use an image size less than 1000 X 1000 pixels for the images in your blog. This does not apply to images that you want to use as the cover image or thumbnails for your Post List or Recent Posts elements.
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Cover images

Cover images appear in your blog feeds and other blog elements. This is what readers see when they're scrolling through your blog before they select a post. As they do not appear on a full page, it's recommended to use a slightly smaller image than for the rest of your blog post images. 
The recommended size for cover images depends on your blog layout. 
  • Side by side: Varies according to the options you selected:
    • Regular: 940 x 726 px (Ratio: 9 x 7)
    • If you disable views, comments and likes: 940 x 612 px (Ratio: 17 x 11)
  • Tiled / Brick:   
    • Minimum size: 940 x 186 px (Ratio: 15 x 3)
    • Maximum size: 940 x 1456 px (Ratio: 9 x 14) 
  • Magazine / Postcard: 940 x 940 px (Ratio: 1 x 1)
  • Editorial: 940 x 534 px (Ratio: 16 x 9)
  • One Column: 940 x 400 px (Ratio: 21:9)
  • Full Post: Not applicable

Post List and Recent Posts elements

You can place the Post List or Recent Posts elements anywhere on your site. Regardless of which layout you choose for these elements, the recommended size for images is 940 x 534 (Ratio: 16 x 9).
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