Wix Blog: Adding a Cover Image to a Blog Post

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Adding a striking cover image to your blog post is a simple way to captivate your readers' attention. The cover image is displayed on each post in your blog feed, your Post List, and when you share a post on social media.
You can add a cover image to your post in your post's settings in the post composer. 

To add a cover image to a post:

  1. Go to Blog in your dashboard.
  2. Select the post that you want to add a cover image to.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Enable the Display Cover Image toggle. 
Enabling the Display Cover Image toggle.
  1. Click the image box to add a new cover image.
  2. Click +Upload Media to add an image from your computer, or select an image from your site files or one of the stock image options such as Media from Wix
  3. Click Add to Page.
  4. Click Save or Publish to apply the changes.
You can also add a cover image by adding an image in the content of your post. 

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