Wix Blog: Adding Structured Data Markup to Wix Blog

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Structured data markup and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are two methods that Google uses to help display the best search results to users. For example, Google uses markup to help decide which pages are added to some carousels. 
Google regularly crawls websites to gather information so they can present their users with the best possible search results. Markup helps site owners direct Google to information on your site. 

Google then may use this information to display rich results in search results. For example, Google may use markup to understand the date a blog post was published and may choose to display that date in search results. 
  • Markup is always enabled and requires a mandatory field, such as an image or logo. Without the field, you may receive notification emails from the Google Search Console to tell you that the mandatory field is missing. Follow the steps below to check the status of the mandatory field. 
  • If markup is enabled and Google finds an error, you receive an email with an error or warning message. This does not mean that your Google ranking will be lowered, it only means that markup was not successfully added to your site. Try correcting the errors listed in the message.

To check the status of the mandatory field:

  1. Go to your SEO Dashboard.
  2. Select Go to SEO Settings under Tools and settings.
  3. Click Blog Posts.
  4. Click Edit next to Structured data markup
Note: If you see the message displayed in the image below, you need to update your business information. Make sure you add a logo as this is your mandatory field that is required in order for everything to be set up correctly. 
Markup issue in SEO Settings
6.  Click Save
When you’ve published your site with the new markup, you can test it with Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool

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