Wix Analytics: Understanding the Behavior Overview

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Your Wix Analytics Behavior Overview shows how your visitors engage with your site, with links to full reports for deeper analysis. Reveal valuable insight on how visitors interact with your site, the most popular page, the most exited page and more. 
Only data from tracked sessions is visible in this report. That means that traffic from any visitors who have not accepted the site's cookies (or are using certain types of ad blockers) won't appear. This includes all info about sessions, device, location, and more. If you see discrepancies in your site (e.g. someone purchased an item from your store but you can't see the site session) this could be why.

Behavior Overview sections

The Behavior Overview is broken into sections, based on the type of traffic you want to analyze. The top section summarizes all your visitors engagement including top navigation flows and most visited pages.
The sections below the visitor engagement summary focus on specific categories, such as conversion and leads. In the article below, you can learn more about each section of the Behavior Overview.
  • Click the date picker drop-down at the top of the Behavior Overview to change the time period that data is pulled from (the default is 30 days). Note that data from the current day is not yet included.
  • Click See full report in a section to see an in-depth report about that marketing activity.

Average pages per session, bounce rate and average session duration

Learn how long visitors stay on your site and how many pages they tend to view before leaving. 
The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave your site after viewing just one page. Monitoring your bounce rate can indicate when you need to optimize content and improve first impressions.

Top navigation flows

The Top navigation flows graph vividly illustrates the first 3 steps that people take when navigating your site. Use this graph to study your visitor's browsing habits, then guide them where you want them on your site to boost conversion.
For example, if you notice that visitors tend to visit your "About" page immediately after your home page, placing a call-to-action button on the "About" page can drive sales. 

Most visited, time spent and exited pages

Most visited pages showcases the pages on your site that receive the most traffic. By identifying your most visited pages, you can prioritize your efforts where needed most to elevate user engagement.
Most time spent pages highlights the pages on your site which visitors spend the most time on. This allows you to understand which of your pages have the highest and lowest hold on your visitors attention. 
The most exited pages shows how often visitors leave the site after viewing a certain page. This provides a unique opportunity to map potential issues and improve the visitor's final impression of your site.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate shows how many visits to your site turned into purchases (excluding visits on the mobile app). Understanding the gap between the number of visitors and the number of purchases can help you get a clearer view of your site's effectiveness.

Abandoned, recoverable and recovered carts

Explore your abandoned cart data to identify potential obstacles in your checkout process and streamline your user experience. Understand how many carts do not go through checkout, what carts can be recovered and what carts may have been delayed in processing. 
  • Abandoned carts: Carts that did not go through checkout.
  • Recoverable carts: Carts that can be recovered by contacting the customer.
  • Recovered carts: Carts that were eventually processed.

Clicks to contact

The Clicks to contact chart shows the most popular channels that visitors use to connect with you after their visit. Information is displayed from site sessions where a visitor clicked to contact you via WhatsApp, phone or email. 
This allows you to better tailor your customer service and communication strategy to meet your visitors' needs.

New leads

The New leads chart shows your top lead sources, highlighting the most successful sources for growing your customer base. A lead is classified as a visitor who shares their contact details or has started a purchase but did not complete it right away. 
Understanding the behavior patterns of your visitors can help you to better nurture new leads. 

Lead info

Use the Lead info report to identify repeat customers and grow an understanding of what sales channels are thriving. The report shows all customers who have completed a purchase, and the app that was used (e.g. Wix Stores, Wix Bookings).

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