Testing Your Site in Different Screen Resolutions

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To experience your site's functionality on various screen resolutions, we recommend using the actual devices you'd like to test, rather than third-party tools. If you don't have access to certain devices you'd like to view your site on, you can use Google Chrome's DevTools to simulate them. 
DevTools and other third-party tools are emulators and should be used only as guidelines for viewing your site in other devices. We do not support third-party emulators, as they may not accurately represent your site's full browsing experience.

To test your site using DevTools:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser. Learn how to download Chrome
  2. Click the Customize and control icon at the top right. 
  3. Hover over More Tools and click Developer Tools
  1. Click the Device Toolbar icon 
  1. Click the Responsive drop-down and select a device to emulate.
    Note: Select Edit to emulate an unlisted device. 
  1. Press F5 or Ctrl + R on your keyboard to reload the page (press Cmd + R on Mac). 
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