Site Members: About Private and Public Member Pages

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This article refers to the previous version of the Members Area app. If you're using the new version, read the information here. Click here to check which version you're using.
When a member logs in to your site, they access the Members Area which can include both private and public pages. Some pages are automatically added to your Area, based on the apps you're using, but you can add your own pages and set their privacy level. 
In this article, learn more about:

Private Pages

These are pages that would usually include every member's personal info. Nobody else, including other members, can see each other's private pages. 
By default, your members get private My Account, Notifications and Settings pages where they can manage their profile and update their personal details.
Additionally, some Wix apps include private pages where your members can securely manage their activity. For example, if you've added Wix Stores, your members can see a My Orders page with a list of current and past orders. Since this is a private page, members can only see their own orders.

Public Pages

Public pages are visible to any site member. Each member gets their own page, but it's public and accessible to other members. This is a great way to grow your community by getting members to interact with each other.
Some Wix apps include public pages where members can see each other's activity. For example, if you've added a social app like Wix Blog, every member gets a Profile page where they can share details about themselves and get to know other members.   

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