Removing Deleted Sites, Old URLs, or Files From Search Results

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Search engines crawl and index content from every page that you publish, with the exception of pages that you prevented search engines from indexing, pages that are password protected.
Just as it takes search engines time to crawl and index a new website, it also takes time for them to recognize that a website or old URLs have changed or are no longer available. This can happen if you deleted a page, image, or file from your site, or if you edited the URL of one of your pages. 
The process of removing pages and files from search results and how long it takes depends entirely on the individual search engines. This also applies to images appearing in Google Images search results.

Speeding up the removal process

If you verified your site with Google or Bing, you can submit a request to speed up the removal of pages that you don't want in their search results.
Learn how to manually request removals using:
If you did not verify your site with Google and Bing, you need to wait for them to remove the pages. 
If you've created a new site and the URLs from the old site are still appearing in search results, you should submit your sitemap to Google and other relevant search engines. This can help speed up both the indexing of your new site and the removal of old site URLs from search results. 
If you have recently upgraded your site and connected your own domain, Wix automatically redirects any traffic to your free Wix URL to your new domain. When search engines crawl your site, they detect your newly connected domain and remove the free Wix URL from search results. Learn more about updating the free Wix URL in search results

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