Pricing Plans: Managing Notifications You Send and Receive

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The article below discusses the Wix subscriptions app Pricing Plans. If you're looking for information about upgrading your site with Wix Premium plans, please check this article.
The Pricing Plans app sends notifications to keep you and your clients informed about any updates. You can choose what notifications your clients receive and also set the notifications you (the site owner) receive and how you receive them: by email, dashboard notification, or desktop notification.

In this article, learn more about:

Managing the notifications you send to clients

When you add the Pricing Plans app, it comes with 5 automated email notifications for your clients already set up. Your clients receive emails when:
  • They purchase a pricing plan
  • A plan they own is about to expire
  • A plan they own expires
  • A plan they own is canceled 
  • A free trial for a plan is about to expire
These messages are managed through Wix Automations. Each automation is made of 3 parts: a trigger (the condition that causes the action to take place), an action (e.g. sending an email), and timing (when the action takes place). You can edit the message text itself or customize the message settings.

To edit the notifications your clients receive:

  1. Go to Pricing Plans Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the Automations tab. 
  3. (Optional) Click the Active toggle next to any of the automations to disable them.
  4. (Optional) Click Edit Automation next to any of the automations to customize them
Go to Automations to see what other automated messages you can send to clients. You can also use Wix Automations to send yourself and your staff reminders to take actions

Managing the notifications you receive

Choose which notifications you want to get and how you want to get them. There are 3 ways to receive notifications:

Desktop notifications

Desktop notifications allow you to receive notifications on your desktop web browser, even when you’re not on 
If you select to receive desktop notifications and they aren't appearing, check to see if something is blocking them.

Dashboard notifications

Dashboard notifications appear in your site's dashboard at Wix. This means you only see them when you visit the dashboard.
Screenshot showing dashboard notifications after a customer purchases a plan.

Email notifications

Receive notifications right in your inbox to make sure you don't miss a thing. 
Screenshot showing an email notification that a customer ordered a plan.

To choose how you receive notifications:

  1. Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to the Communications section and click Notifications you get.
  3. Click the Enable desktop notifications toggle to enable or disable browser notifications for this site (not only for Pricing Plans).
Screenshot showing how to enable desktop notifications from your site's dashboard.
  1. Click the Expand icon  next to Dashboard and scroll down to the Pricing Plans section. 
  2. Enable the toggle(s) next to the dashboard notification(s) you want to receive. 
  3. Click the Expand icon  next to Email and scroll down to the Pricing Plans section.
  4. Enable the toggle(s) next to the email notification(s) you want to receive.
By default, you receive email notifications any time a client buys or cancels a plan. You can disable these email notifications.

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