Pricing Plans: Allowing Guest Checkout on Your Site

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Let visitors to your site buy your pricing plans without having to sign up or log in. Enabling guest checkout makes it easier for site visitors to become loyal customers. 
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Enabling guest checkout for pricing plans

Enable guest checkout to let visitors sample your pricing plans, without becoming full members of your site right away. 
Visitors who go through guest checkout automatically become contacts. They also receive an email with a link to create a member profile on your site, should they wish to do so.
  • For plans that include online content and services, visitors need to sign up as site members to gain access. 
  • Guest checkout is only available to customers on the Plans & Pricing page on your site. 

To enable guest checkout:

  1. Go to Pricing Plans Settings in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the Checkout tab. 
  3. Click to enable the Guest checkout toggle.
A screenshot of the pricing plans settings page where you can enable guest checkout

How guest checkout looks on your site

After you enable guest checkout, site visitors can buy your plans without signing up to become a site member. They begin by choosing the plan they want to buy. Then, they have the option of logging in or continuing as a guest.
A screenshot of purchasing a pricing plan as a guest, without signing up as members
Visitors then enter their payment details as normal and continue. 
A screenshot of the checkout process when paying as a guest
When payment is complete, they receive an email with the details of their purchase. The email contains a link which allows your customers to Create New Password and sign up as members of your site. 
You are unable to customize this email. 
A screenshot showing the email sent to customers after they complete guest checkout, encouraging them to sign up to your site
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