Premium Plan Overview

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We’ve grown our platform’s capabilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of you and your clients, with advanced design features, tailored eCommerce, SEO tools, marketing solutions, dev tools, and much more.
View our newest Premium plan offers and see a wide range of benefits for both business and personal brands.
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Types of plans

For a site that’s focused on establishing an online presence, our Light plan allows you to create a great looking and easy-to-use site, free from Wix branding and with a custom domain.
If you need business features like eCommerce and payments, check out our Core and Business plans. These plans come with a custom domain, as well as a modern marketing suite and an effective range of business tools.
For high-traffic businesses that need custom functionality, our Business Elite and Enterprise options offer access to Wix’s most advanced capabilities and infrastructure. 
Create multiple sites that transact in a variety of languages and currencies. Integrate custom API solutions, and rely on us to provide unparalleled uptime and client support.

Premium plan features

Each plan comes with a custom domain, 24/7 Wix Customer Care, and the removal of Wix branding as standard. Browse the options below to get an overview of each plan and to see which package can best help your business.
For a detailed breakdown of each Premium plan and to discover how Wix can best help your business, visit our plan page. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact Wix Customer Care and we'll be happy to help you. 
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Wix free sites offer access to most, but not all, Wix products. Some products, such as Velo by Wix, provide a limited degree of access. Learn more about using Velo with a free Wix site


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