Using Velo with a Free Wix Site

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You can try out most Velo and Data features with a free site. As you develop your site you may reach some of the free site quotas, and can select a package to increase the number of features and resources available for your site.
Some Velo and Data quotas are not enforced on all sites yet.
The following table lists the feature and resource quotas available for free sites. You can learn more about each feature here.
Free Site Limit
Data Platform

Dedicated infrastructure
Not available
Data storage
1,000 items
Data collections
Data indexes
Not available
Data backups
3 manual backups
Monthly data requests
10,000 reads
1,000 writes
Data requests per minute
1000 reads
60 writes
Data request timeout
5 seconds
External database integration
Not available
Compute platform

Backend containers
1 micro
Capacity per container
1 vCPU
400 MB RAM
Backend requests per minute
Backend request timeout
14 seconds
Developer tools

Logging with Google Cloud
Live site logging only
Scheduled jobs
3 jobs
1-hour minimum interval
Backend event handlers
Backend event handlers
Not available
Dashboard pages
1 page

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